Puzles as a cube


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Edge is a puzzle and platform game in which you will have to guide a color cube through a series of labyrinths and levels plagued with a lot of dangers that constantly try to toss you out of the game.

The workings of this game are simple: with your finger you move the cube from house to house and you will have to take it to the end of the level. You will be able to go on escalators a cubes height and have to dodge moving objects that try to eliminate you!

This game comes with more than fifty levels in which you will not only have to put your intelligence to the test, as is usual in puzzle games, but also your skills and reflexes, which you will be needing with all of your attention and concentration to pass some of the most difficult levels.

From a visual and sound aspect Edge is great! It comes with nineteen different theme songs to provide with a excellent quality gaming experience. And with graphics that although are very simple are captivating.

Edge is a great game, capable of provided many hours of fun and have you gawking at the screen. Its working at first sight can seem simple but they can become more complicated as you reach higher levels.
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